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One More Degree

Felix Lacroix moves a clamshell on the beach. An hour later, a rowdy jock runs over it, slices his foot, and misses his chance to meet a beautiful girl he’d been flirting with. The girl blames fate when the boy is carted away, because Felix’s manipulation is so crafty, she has no way of knowing he was responsible.

For decades Felix uses his intelligence to shape the world to his liking. His meddling is so subtle no one ever understands his true intentions. He appears to be in complete control, but things begin to unravel as the summer solstice approaches. His most ambitious plan is at risk and as time runs down, he realizes he has woefully underestimated his most stubborn rival.

Only hours remain for Felix to set things right, but the task is staggering even for a man who appears to hold the world in his hand.

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