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I’m Going To Kill Someone. Can You Catch Me?

Right now I’m preparing an interactive Murder Mystery show to be held at the Proctor Mansion Inn in Wrentham, MA. I love visiting the mansion. It’s 150 years old with high ceilings, intricate molding and woodwork, and rooms that all seem to have two ways in and out. The layout allows the actors to appear and disappear almost at will.

I discovered my love for these shows accidentally when I was invited to take part in one about five years ago. That first show featured a narrator and clues hidden all around the building. What I discovered is that people really enjoy watching the actors in action, but a scripted show feels a little too stiff.

What I eventually came up with is a show that is entirely ad-libbed. The actors have a general script to follow, but none of the dialog is scripted. The actors know their roles and what they are trying to accomplish during the show, but how it is done is completely up to them. The fluidity of this format really seems to draw the crowd in. They can interrupt a scene and become part of it and there is no consequence to the actors. They can’t lose their place, because they haven’t memorized lines. Everyone is reacting to the situation, guests and actors alike.

My favorite part of the shows is the high I get when we kill someone in a room full of people and no one in the audience sees the deed. I love it when guests have that frustrated, someone-died-three-feet-from-me-and-I-didn’t-see-it look on their face. Believe it or not, I have repeatedly killed (or planned the murder of) someone in rooms full of 200 people and I’ve never been caught in the act. One of my favorites was when we killed a woman at a round banquet table. One of the guests was seated at that same table (facing the other way) when the murder occurred. She couldn’t believe the murder victim was dead at her own table when she turned around.

Think you can do better than she did? Come try to catch me in the act.

My next show will be:
September 14th 6:30 pm
Proctor Mansion Inn, 36 Common Street, Wrentham, MA
Cash bar
Rooms are available
Tickets $45.00
(877) 384-1861

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