Characters you keep

Gretchen Greene

Gretchen Greene, ecoterrorist turned energy researcher, is militant about saving the planet. When her research team discovers an advance in solar technology that will make fossil fuels obsolete, she takes the invention and the data necessary to recreate it and runs. Unfortunately for Gretchen, she’s not the only one aware of the discovery. A team of assassins destroys the lab and eliminates the researchers one by one until only Gretchen remains. Another student races Gretchen away from the scene, but the assassins catch up and trap Gretchen and her friend against a highway guardrail. Randy Black arrives. He believes he’s been sent to save Gretchen, but he must learn what she’s done and why she’s surrounded by armed men all intent on having her in one way or another.

Gretchen Greene is the 3rd Randy Black novel and the first of a series of books where Randy is challenged by a troubled character he meets. Gretchen is a difficult woman and it isn’t clear whether she needs saving from the world or the world needs saving from her.