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A prison of the mind can be more terrifying than any cell.

What readers say…

“I came out at the end a different person for having read the story.”

“page after page of terrific writing..  The end was brilliant…  Days after finishing I’m still thinking about it”

“The book grabbed me from the beginning and shocked me at the end…”

“Had a long talk with my Hubby about THE END OF MARKING TIME. first time in 10 years together.”

“The plot, characters, everything was absolutely amazing.”

“Don’t you just love a book that you think about weeks after you finished?”

“The story is dark and brooding from beginning to end, with a twisting plot and a main character that you know you’re supposed to despise but you can help rooting for…”

“Beware – there will be sleepless nights because you can’t put it down..  and then it will haunt you afterwards…”

“This book troubled me. Hours after I’ve finished it, I’m still thinking about it. There are no easy answers in this book. Michael was deeply sympathetic character, but his actions were like watching a train-wreck.”

“I freely admit that while reading about the first phases of Michael’s reeducation, I had some very self-righteous and indignant thoughts.”

“… very original and fascinating.. I did not see the ending coming. Oh my it was amazing!”

“This is by far my new Favorite book…This is one I would gladly read again and again…”

“It has been several days since I put it down, but the story comes back to me frequently. I feel like something is sitting on my consciousness.”


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