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The CJ West Challenge

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas marks 18 years since I started writing novels. On Christmas Day 1999 I received How to Write a Damn Good Novel, by James Frey. I fell in love with storytelling and never looked back.

This Christmas I’m feeling more than a bit nostalgic.

Recently I was digging through my photo albums on Facebook, and found dozens of great memories of murder mystery shows and other events I’ve done. I have met thousands of wonderful people and spent countless hours immersed in my stories.

I also clicked over to Amazon and read some reviews of my latest book, One More Degree. I am so very thankful for comments like, “Often I finish a book and never think about it again but I find bits and pieces of this one popping up in my mind frequently.” I’m so honored to be such an intimate part of your world.

In the last 18 years I’ve produced four books that I think will move you. My challenge to you is to read them all. If you do, I think you’ll become a fan. Buy them for whatever you think they are worth. Go ahead and download them all, then come back and pay what you think they’re worth when you are done.

Here is the price list:

I didn’t love any of them. FREE ($0 each)
I loved one of these. $2 ($.50 each)
I loved two of these. $4 ($1.00 each)
I loved three of these. $6 ($1.50 each)
I loved all four. $8 ($2.00 each)
I’m a fan! $10 ($2.50 each)
You should quit your day job and write books faster! $20 ($5.00 each)

I hope you agree the pricing is reasonable.

Right now I’m working on a five book series based on a murder mystery show I produced last year. If this experiment is a success, I’ll sell the new series the same way.


Please enjoy these four books!

When you are done reading, please
drop something in the Honor Box

A prison of the mind can be more terrifying than any cell.

Reeducation is terrifying. See what happens when a relearner seizes control.

Sometimes evil wears a friendly face.
Note: This book is for adult audiences only.

Some coincidences are too perfect to happen by chance.

2 Responses to The CJ West Challenge

  1. Athena Brown says:

    I bought the book the first one from you back in Feb of 2012 but will have to read it again to remind me what it was about. lol I read on average 57 books a year or more so kind of blurs after a bit. lol but I have been with you awhile now and met you in fact over on My Space. Long long time ago Happy New Years to you and yours :)

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