Characters you keep

Cat Bagger

Scaring the world straight
one convict at a time.

Welcome to the home of the Cat Baggers

The cat baggers are a mythical group created in the novel The End of Marking Time. When a criminal proved too difficult to turn around, he was shown the cat baggers, a sadistic group of torturers who took pride in tormenting criminals until they broke.

Cat Baggers got their name from one of their early methods, which involved feral cats, a burlap sack, and a criminal alone in a darkened cell. If you want to experience the wrath of the cat baggers for yourself, read The End of Marking Time.

Join The Club

Get your 4.70″ x 3.29″, black vinyl cat bagger car sticker for $2.50 in the United States. Shipping is included.


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