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CJ’s Latest Release

One More Degree

Some coincidences are too perfect to happen by chance.

Marking Time Series

The End of Marking Time
Marking Time book 1

A prison of the mind can be more terrifying than any cell.
The Cat Bagger’s Apprentice
Marking Time book 2

Reeducation is even more terrifying when a relearner seizes control.

Randy Black Series

The Winemaker’s Son
Randy Black book 1

Sometimes evil wears a friendly face.
Black Heart
Randy Black book 2

Can Randy ever redeem himself?
Gretchen Greene
Randy Black book 3

An incredible discovery by an impossible woman. Can Randy save them both?

Standalone Novels

Dinner At Deadman’s
An oversized junk man with a heart as big as his belly
tackles a murder and gets in way over his head.
Addicted To Love
An idyllic town gripped by passion develops a taste for murder.
Taking Stock
A lovely workaholic must solve a $200 million scam before she’s arrested for the crime.

Short Stories

Two men create a social network to empower citizens to fight crime. When criminals start dying, the website becomes hugely popular and even more deadly.