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Black Heart

Black Heart picks up the action from the last page of The Winemaker’s Son and kicks it into a new gear. When the dust settles, Randy Black is left to question his faith and his humanity. He’s turned away from his teachings and done horrific things. Now Randy is being held to account.

From the Back Cover


Randy Black wants to die…

Overcome with anger and grief after losing his parents, Randy Black plans to sacrifice himself to avenge them. He plots revenge for 10 years then destroys three families in spectacular fashion. Winemaking heir Charlie Marston takes the brunt of Randy’s anger. Randy steals Charlie’s dream career and burns his inheritance to the ground. When Randy’s revenge is taken, his blood cools and his suicide mission takes an unexpected twist. Randy survives and doesn’t know what to do next.

He clings to life…

Randy sees his future. Horrific torture lies ahead if he doesn’t change course. He’s given a chance to atone for his mistakes and he latches on. The solitary life of a predator glares back from his empty address book. Without friends or family, Randy is left alone to rediscover The Way. One question haunts his every step: Is he worthy of forgiveness?

But now he’s the one being played…

Just as Randy befriended Charlie Marston to tear his life apart, defense attorney Tom Gold wrests control of Randy’s future. Randy is consumed by his quest to redeem himself until he discovers his every move is being manipulated. Randy is ready to strike back, but the rules have changed. Sin carries weighty consequences in the afterlife and Randy is out of second chances.